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About Us

The following people are the ones responsible for this great site. Thank them by visiting their individual pages and by volunteering to do neck rubs.

Got some bootlegs or some special talent that could make this site better??? Don't hesitate to e-mail me at

Bill Danylo-Bill (MEEEEE!!!) is 16 and lives in Pittsburgh, PA. He takes care of the daily maintence for BEATLES BOOTLEGS CENTRAL. His homepage is *The Official Zekeland Home Page* a page where you can find tons of stuff about the country of Zekeland and one of the most complete Beatles pages on the net. In his spare time, he writes and sings in a band called Organized Chaos.
David Goodwin-David is 15 and lives in Scarsdale, NY. He's second in command here at BBC and he put up most all the boots with no information on them. His homepage is The Inner Light. It has several high quality bootlegs that can't be found here as well as higher quality files of songs he posted here. Check it out! He's a big Beatles nut and he's always looking for more webspace. If you know where he can get some, mail him!
Kate Nodulman-Kate is 16 and lives in Chicago IL. She was the wonderful wonderful girl who did our graphics. Her homepage is The Beatles Headquarters. It's filled with tons of BeatleStuff and more of her amazing graphics. In her spare time, some of her interests are dancing, ballet, jazz, tap, piano, guitar, drums, singing, writing, drawing, painting, webbing, shopping, watching the XFiles, and the BEATLES.
Larie-Larie is shy so she didn't want to submit any personal information. She was kind enough to program and provide space for our new CGI chat and webboard. Her homepage is The Apple Scruffs. It has all kinds of interesting information and lots of neat CGI scripts!
Adam Bruneau-Adam is 16 and lives in Buford,Ga. His home page is Mr. Kite LIVE at Pablo Fanque's Fair a psychedelic journey to the "other" side of Beatles music.Besides listening to the Beatles records (and reading about them, and watching their movies), he likes to draw, play songs on his keyboard, drums, and guitar, play Doom 2 and emulated Super Nes games, listen to 60s music and watch his lava lamp.
Guilherme Lentz-Guilherme is 22 and lives in Brazil. He sent all the "Billy Bootleg" files and more will soon be added! His home page is Guilherme Lentz' Beatles Website a great page with TONS of info about bootlegs and other neat stuff. Besides the Beatles and music, he loves cinema, TV, good media, being a teacher and Batman.
Gabor Peterdi-Gabor is 27 and lives in Nagykoros, Hungary, Europe. He owns more bootlegs than any one man should possess and he put up a lot of the really rare ones. His home page is THE FIRST HUNGARIAN BEATLES PAGE a really loaded page with tons of stuff! He posts tons of bootlegs in .mp3 format so go take a look! He plays in a band called Dilemma.
Henry Stewart-Henry is 14 and lives in New York City, NY. He contributed a lot of the Lennon solo boots and much more. He plays the guitar, and "I freakin' love it man!" He plays in a band called the Ashes. His pages are The Beatles Closet, a page with a whole lot of neat BeatleStuff, and his new The #OOBU Homepage the homepage of his new IRC channel. You can join there!
Skip Shipley -Skip is 33 and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He's donated several EXTREMELY rare bootlegs. His page is Skip's Tape Trading Page. Check it out and maybe make some deals! His hobbies include record/CD collecting, antique cars, and guitar.
Mike Phillips-Mike is 33 and lives in Dallas, TX. He's donated a ton of wonderful files! His page is Mike and Joann's Beatles Trading Page. It has more boots and other interesting information. His hobbies include the Beatles, British TV Comedies, Ireland, and Charlie Chaplin (he almost has all of his films on video)
Kirk Kiefer-Kirk lives in Goshen Ky. He was one of the original co-founders. He made most all of our graphics for the old site and put up a lot of cool boots. He likes to play guitar and write songs, poems, and stories. He's no longer on the internet.