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BBC Boots

Pop Go the Beatles
The theme song to the Beatles' BBC show, a Lennon-McCartney song.
90.8K, 0:46,5 min

Do You Want to Know a Secret?
I don't know what could have possessed them to leave this one off. It's faster than the released version and, in my opinion, rocks!
245K, 2:05,9 min

I Should Have Known Better
This is a reheasal. It starts of with a false start and then they go into the song again. It doesn't have the familiar harmonica that stands out on the released version.
376K, 3:13 min

Tie Me Kangaroo Down
The Beatles with Rolf Harris Beatle-izing Rolf's novelty hit.
362K, 3:05,7 min

George sings this one from Please Please Me on the Pop Goes the Beatles! show
295K, 2:31,7 min

Anna (Go to Him)
Another song from Please Please Me, this one sung by John.
322K, 2:45,5 min

I Want to Hold Your Hand
From the BBC.
227K, 2:22,2 min

I'm a Loser
From the BBC, John changes the words a little.
299K, 2:33,5 min

A Shot of Rhythm and Blues
An early favorite, never released as a Beatles song.
243K, 2:05,1 min

John's Book
Funny studio chat between John and the DJ about John's book In His Own Right.
123K, 1:03,2 min

Crimble Medley
Short medley of Beatles songs.
73.7K, 0:37,7 min

I Feel Fine
A BBC outtake. Some chat, a couple of tries at the feedback and half of the song.
218K, 1:52,1 min

She's a Woman
Some chat and a BBC version of She's a Woman.
424K, 3:37,6 min

The Night Before
From the BBC. A lot a of chat about their upcoming movie HELP! and then the song The Night Before.
496K, 4:14,8 min

Ticket to Ride
The last song from the last BBC sessions.
311K, 3:04,4 min