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The Christmas Records

Each year between 1963 and 1969 the Beatles used to record a special Christmas greeting disc for their fans. These were never officially released, but were sent to the members of the Beatles' fan club. For more information about the Christmas records including transcripts, check out Stefan Ventura's Christmas Records Page.

Happy Birthday (1963)
This is John, first speaking and then finishing with wishing himself a happy birthday me too.
97K, 0:51,8 min

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (1963)
This is all of the fabs, singing the classic Christmas song. A fun recording where John changes the lyrics to "Ricky the red nosed Ringo".
38K, 0:19,2 min

Jingle Bells (1964)
A chaotic rendition of the classic. No words are sung, as the song is, for the most part, hummed.
34K, 0:16,1 min

Somebody's Bad Handwroter (1964)
John reading from a piece of paper written by somebody's bad handwroter, detailing what he is supposed to say on the disc.
85K, 0:43,4 min

Can You Wash Your Father's Shirts (1964)
All of them singing a fast tune to frantic piano playing.
24K, 0:11,8 min

Yesterday/Christmas Day (1965)
The Beatles all making fun of Paul's hit song from the same year.
235K, 2:00,6 min

Happy Christmas (1965)
John wishing us all a happy Christmas with this short song. Ends with George thanking John for the song.
39K, 0:19,7 min.

Auld Lang Syne (1965)
A fast version of the Christmas tune.
28K, 0:14,2 min

Christmas Comes But Once A Year (1965)
A song sung by John. After the first verse he is joined by the others, the song eventually leading into a finishing "Chriiistmaaas".
53K, 0:26,7 min

Everywhere It's Christmas (1966)
One of the most well done Christmas songs. This song features Paul on lead, backed by the rest of the group. A truly spirited performance. "Jolly good, jolly good".
96K, 0:49,1 min

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year (1968)
A Paul McCartney improvisation, sung to a guitar. This song is very relaxed for a Beatles Christmas record and sounds almost serious.
123K, 1:02,9 min