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Stuff you want to know, but don't

We were shut down. Read the Cease and Desist section for more info.

What's the difference between this site and the last one?
A LOT. Read the Rules and Regulations section for the complete list. Most noticibly, all the songs are streamed so they load MUCH faster, but you can't download them. Also we have a REAL chat room and webboard!

Where can I get a free Real Audio player?
Get one here.

When I play the song it sounds really choppy. How can I fix it?
Stop the file, go to the menu at the top. Go to view, prefs, advanced, and move the CPU level to the far right.

When I try to play a song, it doesn't load and it says that the server is down. How do I listen to the song?
The problem is that the server that particular song is on is down for a while. Bookmark the page and come back in a bit!

Do you guys have lives?
Not much.

Why are some of the songs on more than one page?
Because they fit under more than one group. When you see the same title twice, look at the size and time. If it's the same, it's the same file. If it's not then it's different.

Can I put a link to Beatles Bootlegs Central on my homepage?
YES!!! Go to Link Us! where you can choose from several extremely wonderful banners for your homepage.

Can you put a link to my page on Beatles Bootlegs Central?
No. BBC doesn't do links, but some of our individual pages do. Check there! The only way we will put up a link is if they have contributed to the page in some way. (i.e. sent bootlegs, contributed webspace)
If you have bootlegs and would like to become a partner, go here.

Why Real Audio and not .wav or .mp3
Size. Real Audio may not have the quality of .wav or .mp3, but they are a LOT smaller.

I have a bootleg CD, but I don't know how to get music off of it and onto my computer! How do I do this?
Go to the CDDA home page for info. It gets a little complicated, so here's some required info:

CDDA basically works only in DOS; CDDA32 works in Win95/NT.
Both CDDA and CDDA32 are shareware.
CDDA's limitation is that it can only rip CD quality files in WAV format (i.e. you cannot rip and automatically convert to mono).
CDDA32s limitation is that it only works on the first five tracks on any given CD.
Both have VERY archaic command line interfaces. READ THE DOCS!

How do I convert WAVs to RA so I can send them to you?
Try Cool Edit or poke around the RA homepage for the official converter.

Are you guys gods?
Pretty close.