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Get Back Sessions

Crackin' Up/All Shook Up/Your True Love
This is George, Paul, and Ringo jamming some old tunes from the '50s.
399K, 3:24,5 min

Gone, Gone, Gone
John covering the Carl Perkins blues number Gone, Gone, Gone. It's a good recording- a nice group effort.
230K, 1:57,5 min

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
John and Paul making fun of Paul's White Album gem. It has very loud bass and some funn ad-libbed lyrics from John. "Desmond has a sparrow in the marketplace. Molly has a lover in a van..."
190K, 1:36,9 min

La Penina
Some of La Penina, a slow blusy number by Paul, later given away.
117K, 1:00 min

Watching Rainbows
A true unreleased gem. This is John's Watching Rainbows. The song ROCKS, turning into a raging instrumental after about two minutes.
463K, 3:57,4 min

Kansas City/Miss Ann/Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Another of the many great oldies medleys that the Beatles recorded during these sessions.
448K, 3:50 min

Run For Your Life
John and Paul duet for this slow rerun through Run for Your Life.
91.9K, 0:47 min

House of the Rising Sun
John and Paul take some time off from productive recording to truly mangle this song.
116K, 0:59,9 min

I'm So Tired
Paul singing some of John's I'm So Tired. Sound quality isn't too great.
48.8K, 0:49,9 min

Drunk Again
Hey! What's the use of getting sober?
7.94K, 0:08,0 min

The Walk
A clip of Paul singing this old Jimmy McCrackin blues song.
90.2K, 0:46,2 min

If Tomorrow Ever Comes
Paul and John jamming on what sounds like an old old Pre-Fab era original.
125K, 1:04,3 min

All Things Must Pass
George teaches his new song to Paul who tries to figure out a harmony part. This is one of my favorite boots, because this is one of my favorite songs. It's a true shame that it never made it on a real Beatles album.
407K, 3:29,1 min

Wake Up in the Morning
Paul and John jamming on what sounds like an old old Pre-Fab era original.
313K, 2:41 min

Hear Me Lord
George singing an original composition, Hear Me Lord. Unfortunatly the instruments are so loud the Lord probably can't hear him.
198K, 1:41,9 min

Back Seat of My Car
A demo of Paul's Back Seat of My Car. At this point some of the words aren't written and the piano is pretty loud.
358K, 3:03,9 min

Low-Down Blues Machine/Hi Heeled Sneekers
Another oldie medley. I think it's George singing the first one and Paul and John singing the second.
365K, 3:07,3 min

Nergo in Reserve
A clip of Paul and John jamming on a song I don't know anything about.
44K, 44:40 sec

Another Day
A Paul demo. It later became a hit for Wings.
173K, 1:28,8 min

Commentary Suicide
John and Paul talk a bit about the bands on the current charts an then Paul goes into a Sinatra-like song. A bit of it can be found before Junk on the McCartney album.
154K, 1:19,2 min

Madman A Comin'
John sings. This demo is later reworked and it evolved into Mean Mr. Mustard.
91.3K, 0:46,8 min

Teddy Boy
From the unreleased Get Back album. This "final" track is basically just a demo with most of the words not completed. This is NOT the A3 version. The A3 version was cut out of this one. This is the original uncut version.
434K, 3:42.7 min

All Things Must Pass
A very good recording of all the Beatles jamming on George's All Things Must Pass. A released Beatles version would probably sound something like this.
376K, 3:12,9 min

Rocker/Save the Last Dance for Me/Don't Let Me Down
Actually tracks 2-4 from the original Get Back album. It starts with some jamming that goes into Save the Last Dance for Me, which leads into the alternate studio version of Don't Let Me Down. Very interesting.
762K, 6:31,3 min

Let it Down
George and Paul sing this recording of a song George would later put on his first solo album. From the Get Back Sessions.
151K, 1:17,7 min

The Inner Light
George and the guys doing a quick run through of Geroge's Inner Light.
58.4K, 0:29,9 min

Strawberry Fields Forever Paul at the piano during the Get Back Sessions playing Strawberry Fields and singing a bit.
131K, 1:07,5 min

Carry That Weight
Some guitar tuning and then a Get Back Sessions demo of Carry That Weight. It includes a second verse "Boy, You gotta open that gate, open that gate...."
265K, 2:15,9 min

Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Paul teaching everyone the chords to his new song, and then they jam on it. From the Get Back sessions.
293K, 2:30,6 min

Besame Mucho
WONDERFUL boot of Paul redoing Besame Mucho like an OPERA SINGER! It sounds NOTHING like the version found under Pre-Fab!!!
226K, 2:15,9 min

You Really Got a Hold on Me
A Get Back run-through of Smokey Robinson's You Really Got a Hold on Me.
296K, 2:31,9 min

Suzy Parker
A quick run-through of an old blues song called Suzy Parker.
99.7K, 0:51,1 min

Octopus's Garden
A GREAT boot! The begining has George and Ringo trying to figure out an opening, then it goes into a guitar-piano thing (sort of like the great earliest known demo) and finally John gets up and plays along with them on the drums. It stops short however, when Paul walks in. Figures. :^)~
354K, 3:02,0 min

Ringo and Paul Jammin on the Piano
Who said the Get Back sessions were always tense and no fun?? Here's Ringo and Paul happily jamming on a piano. BTW, Is is just me, or does Paul sound a lot like Winnie the Pooh in the beginning?? :^)~
122K, 1:02,5 min

A cool Paul song about immigration that was transformed into Get Back.
470K, 4:01,4 min

I Lost My Little Girl
The first song Paul ever wrote- sung strangly enough by John, not Paul.
482K, 4:07,5 min