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A Hard Day's Night Bootlegs

A Hard Day's Night
Take 8 and most of Take 9 of A Hard Day's Night. Take 9 will later become the released version, but lead guitar has not been overdubbed yet.
300K, 2:34,2 min

Can't Buy Me Love
Take 3 of Can't Buy Me Love
71.4K, 0:36,6 min

Happy Just to Dance With You
An instrumental take of the first verse
53K, 0:27,1 min

I Should Have Known Better
from BBC BOOTS. Without the prominant harmonica.
376K, 3:13 min

Ringo on the Title
Ringo talks about how he came up with the title "A Hard Day's Night".
38.4K, 0:19,6 min

A Hard Day's Night
This is a strange recording. It's the end of Take 7, the entire Take 7, the begining of Take 7 AGAIN and that cuts off into a demo of We Can Work it Out. It's not takes 6,7 like the file says.
287K, 02:27,6 sec

A Hard Day's Night
The very cool Take 2.
307K, 2:37,7 min

You Can't Do That
A recording from the BBC Saturday Club.
308K, 2:38,1 min