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George Harrison Bootlegs

An Esher home demo recorded with an organ. George later released this as a solo artist.
256K, 2:10,8 min

Sour Milk Sea
Another Esher demo given away to some guy named Jackie Lomax, whoever he is.
396K, 3:23,1 min

Not Guilty
An Esher demo of a song George recorded 102 takes of between 1968-1969, but it never was released on a Beatles album.
363K, 3:06,6 min

All Things Must Pass
George teaches his new song to Paul who tries to figure out a harmony part. This is one of my favorite boots, because this is one of my favorite songs. It's a true shame that it never made it on a real Beatles album.
407K, 3:29,1 min

Hear Me Lord
George singing an original composition, Hear Me Lord, later released on All Things Must Pass. Unfortunatly the instruments are so loud the Lord probably can't hear him.
198K, 1:41,9 min

All Things Must Pass
A very good recording of all the Beatles jamming on George's All Things Must Pass. A released Beatles version would probably sound something like this.
376K, 3:12,9 min

Let it Down
George and Paul sing this recording of a song George would later put on his first solo album. From the Get Back Sessions.
151K, 1:17,7 min

If Not For You
A Bob Dylan song that George did on his All Things Must Pass album.
216K, 1:50,8 min

It Don't Come Easy
This caused a LOT of stir in the Beatles world recently when it was discovered. I'ts GEORGE singing one of Ringo's best known solo songs. The authorship has always been credited to just Ringo, but this boot shows otherwise. George had a LOT to do with writing this song.
289K, 2:28,2 min

Nowhere to Go
The next three are acoustic demos made for Phil Spector for consideration on All Things Must Pass. A kind of sad melody.
327K, 2:48,1 min

Tell Me What Has Happened to You
Same idea as above. I don't know much else
354K, 3:02,0 min

Let it Down
Same idea as above. An acoustic demo of one of the best songs on the album.
482K, 4:07,7 min

Apple Scruffs
The neat Take 1 of George's Apple Scruffs. He sings and plays guitar and a "mouth organ" There's some funny chat about how the harmonica keeps getting stuck in his moustache and beard. :^)~
367K, 2:30,5 min

Sour Milk Sea
A Beatles rehersal of a song George never released.
411K, 3:30,9 min