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HELP! Bootlegs

Takes 1-4, all instrumental, all never used.
411K, 3:31 min

A live version from a concert in Japan. It has electric guitar and drums instead of a string quartet which give this song a whole different sound to it.
291K, 2:29,3 min

Act Naturally
This is from BBC TV, and someone (?) is singing with Ringo. From Feb. 6, 1968.
251K, 2:09,1 min

Yesterday/Christmas Day
The Beatles all making fun of Paul's hit song from the same year on their 1965 Christmas album.
235K, 2:00,6 min

The Night Before
From the BBC. A lot a of chat about their upcoming movie HELP! and then the song The Night Before.
496K, 4:14,8 min

Ticket to Ride
The last song from the last BBC session.
311, 3:04,0 min

You're Going to Lose That Girl
An alternate EMI mix from Feb 19, 1965, with the count-in left in the beginning.
272, 2:19,8 min