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Let it Be Bootlegs

Across the Universe
A great jam from the Get Back Sessions. The music is great, but it's Paul's harmony that makes this version quite possibly better than the released version.
398K, 3:23,9 min

Get Back
Sounds nothing like the released version! John and Paul yell out the words to this scorching rocker.
226K, 1:55,4 min

I've Got a Feeling
A funny, very good outtake of a studio version of I've Got a Feeling.
478K, 4:05,4 min

The Long and Winding Road
A messed up version of Paul singing his beautiful Long and Winding Road with a Mexican accent.
83K, 44:60 sec

Let it Be
A rehersal where Paul is teaching the other guys the chords to Let it Be. Because no one can read music, he plays the piano and sings the chords instead of the words.
65.0K, 1:06,5 min

For You Blue
An outtake of George's For You Blue. He messes up the words and can be heard muttering a not very nice word.
54.1K, 0:27,7 min

Dig It
From the unreleased Get Back album. The complete version of Dig It.
519K, 4:26.3 min

Two of Us on Our Way Back Home
From the unreleased Get Back album. This is a slower version with a longer title that was nixed in favor of the more uptempo version.
411K, 3:31.0 min

Get Back (Reprise)
From the unreleased Get Back album. A short reprise of Get Back tacked on to the end of the album. It has ad-libbed lyrics and a lot of laughing.
79.1K, 0:40.5 min

For You Blue
From the unreleased Get Back album. An alternate version. The music is bascially the same, but a new vocal was overdubbed for the Let it Be album version.
343K, 2:56,3 min

Dig a Pony
From the unreleased Get Back album. An alternate studio version. Slower, less uptempo than the Let it Be version that came from editing the rooftop version.
443K, 3:47,5 min

One After 909
Take 2 of the early 1963 version. NOT THE ANTHOLOGY 1 VERSION! The vocals stand out a lot.
214K, 1:49,7 min

Across the Universe
John's original piano demo.
167K, 1:25,6 min

On Our Way Back Home
The original version of Paul's Two of Us. It ROCKS!!!! Sounds very much like the Get Back boot near the top of the page.
188K, 1:36,4 min

I Me Mine
From the Let it Be movie. George playing his new song for everyone as John and Yoko waltz across the studio.
325K, 2:46,9 min

Across the Universe
Sounds like a continuation of the version at the top of the page.
173K, 1:29,1 min

I've Got Feeling
Some great studio rehearsing and jamming on I've Got a Feeling.
384K, 3:17,2 min