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Magical Mystery Tour Bootlegs

I Am the Walrus
A monitor mix of Take 7.
215K, 1:50,3 min

Strawberry Fields Forever
The earliest existing demo of Strawberry Fields Forever. At this point it is titled "It's Not Too Bad". The chords are there, but he hasn't written most of the words yet.
87.8K, 0:45,0 min

Magical Mystery Tour
The alternate MONO mix of the cover track. Doesn't have the bus sounds or Paul yelling in the beginning.
325K, 2:47,1 min

Your Mother Should Know
An alternate version. Harmonies are different, and as a whole, it's very different from the released version.
289K, 2:28,2 min

Strawberry Fields Forever
A clip from another SFF alternate version. It's like the second version on Anthology 2, but some parts are double tracked and there are harmonies.
82.1K, 0:42,0 min

Strawberry Fields Forever Paul at the piano during the Get Back Sessions playing Strawberry Fields and singing a bit.
131K, 1:07,5 min

Penny Lane
An different MONO mix. Little differences here and there such as an extended trumpet part.
365K, 3:07,6 min

Strawberry Fields Forever
The original 2nd part, the one with the crazy drumming, horns, and backwards cymbals, that was slowed down and pasted after the first part to make the final song.
326K, 2:47,3 min

Intro to Strawberry Fields Forever
A very interesting file. This is John in 1964 playing around with a melodica and he seems to have stumbled upon the beginning to Strawberry Fields!!!
60.9K, 0:31,2 min

A different version with a jazzy ending.
244K, 2:05,3 min

All You Need is Love
The entire Our World broadcast version.
833K, 7:07,4 min

Hello Hello
The instrumental Take 1 of Hello Goodbye.
601K, 5:08,5 min