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Paul McCartney Bootlegs

One and One is Two
A typical "Beatle Paul" song that would have fit fine in HELP! or Rubber Soul, but it was never released.
233K, 1:59,8 min

A demo recorded with Donovan during a break from producing Mary Hopkins' album 'Postcard'. It's a pretty strange little song, but has a nice melody.
246k, 2:06,9 min

Thank You Guru Dev/Happy Birthday Mike Love
A Beach Boys parody written and recorded in India in '68 for Mike Love's birthday.
253K, 2:10,2 min

Paul's demo of a pretty song he gave to Mary Hopkins. This is the ENTIRE song, not just the clip that other pages have.
287K, 2:27,6 min

That Means A Lot
NOT the Anthology 2 version, but an even earlier, very different, alternate take.
350K, 3:00 min

La Penina
Some of La Penina, a slow blusy number by Paul, later given away.
117K, 1:00 min

Back Seat of My Car
A demo of Paul's Back Seat of My Car. At this point some of the words aren't written and the piano is pretty loud.
358K, 3:03,9 min

Another Day
from the Get Back sessions-a piano demo. It later became a hit for Wings.
173K, 1:28,8 min

Commentary Suicide
from the Get Back sessions-John and Paul talk a bit about the bands on the current charts an then Paul goes into a Sinatra-like song. A bit of it can be found before Junk on the McCartney album.
154K, 1:19,2 min

Teddy Boy
From the unreleased Get Back album. This "final" track is basically just a demo with most of the words not completed. This is NOT the A3 version. The A3 version was cut out of this one. This is the original uncut version.
434K, 3:42.7 min

Oobu Joobu Theme
The theme from Paul's Oobu Joobu radio show. Listen carefully-it sounds like the keyboard is playing the notes to "It Won't Be Long".
93.5K, 0:47.9 min

New Moon Over Jamaica
A clip of this demo was aired on Oobu Joobu. This is the complete demo.
256K, 2:11.5 min

I Keep on Believing
Same idea as above. Complete demo. Very nice.
116K, 1:25.5 min

Gone Tomorrow Here Today
It starts with studio chat between John and George Martin and goes into and unreleased Paul song, Gone Tomorrow Here Today. From the Blackbird session, 1968.
172K, 1:28,6 min

Junior's Farm
An extremely rare boot. It has Paul talking in the studio, his countdown, what turns into the final song, and Paul's exclamation of "YES! That sounded good to me, that one!"
664K, 4:32,0 min

Mull of Kintyre
WONDERFUL!!! Paul and Denny Laine's 1977 home demo of this modern-day Scottish song.
505K, 4:19,4 min

This is from the unreleased Wings 1974 mini-movie "One Hand Clapping". In Stereo.
577K, 3:56,3 min

A cool Paul song about immigration that was transformed into Get Back.
470K, 4:01,4 min

Step Inside Love
Paul's home demo of Step Inside Love.
275K, 2:21,4 min

Smile Away
Recorded by a fan in the crowd at a Wings concert on Aug. 20 1972 in Amsterdam. Good quality considering how it was taped..
606K, 4:08,4 min