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Misc. Bootlegs

12-Bar Original
Intended to be the title song for Rubber Soul but never released. A chopped up version was used on Anthology 2, but here is the entire seven minute long song!
796K, 6:48,4 min

From the 1974 jam session Paul & John had. Harry Neilson & Stevie Wonder were also there.
CHANGE THIS K, 0:00,0 min

Stand By Me
From the same 1974 session. It breaks down because John is having problems with his earphones.
89.6K, 0:36,6 min

Chain Gang
Same session. The file is titled "Cupid/Take This Hammer" but this is an oldie called "Chain Gang".
74.6K, 0:30,5 min

Outtake Mix
A great mix of outtakes from the end of the Anthology TV special.
161K, 1:22.8 min

Blue Moon of Kentucky
A "Threetle" bootleg!!!! Paul (in his best Elvis voice) with George singing Blue Moon of Kentucky!
116K, 0:59,9 min

Mellotron Experiment #4
I didn't know if this should go under John or Magical Mystery Tour, so I flipped a coin. Unfortunatly, the coin hit my ceiling fan and shot somewhere in my room where I have not yet found it. Sooooo I compromised and put it here. This is John at home playing with his new toy, the mellotron. The result is a sort of neat, errie, Revolution #9 sort of sound.
182K, 1:33,3 min