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Beatles Bootlegs Central

What Used to Be the Ultimate Beatles Bootleg Archive on the Internet

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Not many stars have burned brighter than the one that used to be Beatles Bootlegs Central.
For 7 months, we graced the web with the concept of making bootlegs available to the average fan for free. In it's peak it averaged 700 hits a day from people like you. Unfortunatly, in its quest for providing bootlegs for free, it used somewhere near 50 individual free accounts from various servers because no one could, or would, donate the much needed webspace. Beacuse of that, on October 17, 1997 I recieved an extremely impersonal form letter from Geocities. All of the accounts with songs in it were deleted and the letter pertaining to the main page stated it was in offence of "Hacking, Piracy, Virus" infringments. They refused to explain anything any further and my attempts to contact them were futile.
It was gone.

For the longest time, I was just stunned. I didn't know what to do. All that hard work was gone. After spending several hours staring in a trance-like state at the deletion letter, I made up my mind to start again. I emailed the friends whom I had worked with before and requested the help of several other new friends and together we built the page that you see now.
Right now it is once again broken up and running entirely from free web accounts and personal homepage accounts. This is very dangerous because it leaves the very real risk of being deleted again.
Until we can find someone willing to donate the space we really need, we run the risk of getting deleted again, and next time I don't know if I'll re-build. At least on a large server, we're OK until we get dragged off kicking and screaming all the way to court. :^)

Enjoy the new page......while you can.


Bill and Crew