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Please Please Me Bootlegs

Take 1 of Misery. The piano has not been added and instead, George plays the part on his guitar.
240K, 2:03,4 min

I Saw Her Standing There
Take 6 of Paul's rocker, I Saw Her Standing There. It's too fast and is aborted half way through the take.
149K, 1:16,7 min

I Saw Her Standing There
Takes 7 and 8, neither of which last very long.
97.2K, 0:49,8 min

Do You Want to Know a Secret?
Uptempo version from the BBC.
245K, 2:05,9 min

Ask Me Why
Early performance of Ask Me Why from the Star Club in Hamburg.
303K, 2:35,4 min

from the BBC
295K, 2:31,7 min

Anna (Go to Him)
from the BBC
322K, 2:45,5 min

There's a Place
Take 1 of There's a Place.
246K, 2:06,3 min

I Saw Her Standing There
A clip from Take 2
54.8K, 28:00 sec

A Taste of Honey
from 'People and Places' Dec. 17. 1962.
90.5K, 0:46,3 min

I Saw Her Standing There
From Hamburg, Dec 31. 1962.
322K, 2:45,3 min

Twist and Shout
From the Hollywood Bowl, Aug 23 1964.
162K, 1:23,4 min