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Past Masters: Singles and EP Bootlegs

I Want to Hold Your Hand
This recording is from the BBC.
227K, 2:22,2 min

She Loves You
A clip from a live performance of She Loves You.
74.5K, 0:38,1 min

I Feel Fine
This is the instrumental Take 6. Near the end the song slows down due to mechanical failure when it was recorded.
362K, 3:06,1 min

She's a Woman
A funny outtake of John making fun of Paul's song sometime in the '70s.
74.6K, 0:38,1 min

Day Tripper
The instrumental Take 1 of the single, Day Tripper. Sing along with the Beatles!
250K, 2:08,5 min

Paperback Writer
This is Takes 1 and 2. Take 2 turns out to be the final take, but it's not faded out.
484K, 4:08,5 min

Paperback Writer
This is from the Beatles Candlestick Park concert of 1966
297K, 2:32,5 min

Get Back
Sounds nothing like the released version! John and Paul yell out the words to this scorching rocker.
226K, 1:55,4 min

Don't Let Me Down
A very early demo. All he has is the "I'm in love for the first time...." and "Nobody ever loved me like she does...." parts.
248K, 2:06,7 min

Let it Be
A rehersal where Paul is teaching the other guys the chords to Let it Be. Because no one can read music, he plays the piano and sings the chords instead of the words.
65.0K, 1:06,5 min

Rocker/Save the Last Dance for Me/Don't Let Me Down
Actually tracks 2-4 from the original Get Back album. It starts with some jamming that goes into Save the Last Dance for Me, which leads into the alternate studio version of Don't Let Me Down. Very interesting.
762K, 6:31,3 min

The Inner Light
George and the guys doing a quick run through of Geroge's Inner Light during the Get Back sessions.
58.4K, 0:29,9 min

Yes It Is
John's Take 1 of Yes It Is. He sings the song by himself as a guide vocal. IT'S NOT THE ANTHOLOGY 2 VERSION!
350K, 2:59,8 min

From Me to You
I don't know exactly what this is. There's studio chat, the last verse, and more chat.
48.1K, 24:50 sec

She's a Woman
The entire very primative Take 2.
390K, 3:20,4 min

From Me to You
Absolutely different version. A bit slower, the vocals are more prominate, and there is no harmonica.
214K, 1:49,7 min

Yes It Is
A pretty funny recording. Takes 2-7 of John trying to get down basic guitar and a guide vocal.
478K, 4:05,3 min

I Feel Fine
A BBC outtake. Some chat, a couple of tries at the feedback and half of the song.
218K, 1:52,1 min

She's a Woman
Some chat and a BBC version of She's a Woman.
424K, 3:37,6 min

She's a Woman
In Stereo. From the Hollywood Bowl, 8/29/65. The crowd could hear Paul, but his mike to the tape player was broken, so all you hear is the music and John a little. It's like Beatles karaoke!! :^)~
415K, 2:50,1 min

She Loves You
Recorded live in Stockholm, Sweden Oct 24 1963.
281K, 2:24,1 min

I Want to Hold Your Hand
From the Ed Sullivan Show Feb. 9 1964.
412K, 3:31,7 min

She's a Woman
Take 7 of She's a Woman.
764K, 6:32,1 min

This Boy
Recorded live at the Paris Olympia Jan. 16 1964.
284K, 2:25,7 min

I'm Down
Closing song at the Hollwood Bowl concert Aug, 29, 1965.
269K, 2:18,0 min

We Can Work it Out
Paul's demo that was accidently wiped by John.
88.4K, 0:45,2 min

You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)
John's original demo of him at the piano figuring out the chords.
118K, 1:00,8 min

Lady Madonna
EMI Monitor Mix from February 3 1968
153K, 1:18,7 min

From the promo video. Very Cool.
397K, 3:24,1 min

Yes it Is
Takes 8 and 9. John STILL trying to lay down a basic track.
365K, 3:07,3 min