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Pre-Fab Bootlegs

Puttin' on the Style
YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS ONE!!! This clip was recorded at the Woolton Village Fete in 1957 on THE EXACT DAY JOHN FIRST MET PAUL! The entire tape was recently sold at auction. The sound quality isn't wonderful, but it's of extreme historical importance. This is also the earliest known recording of John Lennon.
39.2K, 0:20,0 min

I'll Always Be In Love With You
John sings this nice cover sometime in the early 60's. Should have been on Anthology 1.
281K, 2:23,7 min

I'll Follow the Sun
Very early demo of I'll follow the sun. It's sung up-tempo like an R&B number and comtains a bridge later dropped.
220K, 1:43,0 min

A jazzy Paul McCartney instrumental from the Cavern days.
152K, 1:18,1 min

Red Sails in the Sunset
From Hamburg, it's sung by Paul.
229K, 2:03,8 min

Besame Mucho
Probably from the Decca Audition, far better in my opinion to the version released on Anthology 1.
286K, 2:34 min

I'm Talking About You
This cover of a Chuck Berry song was is from way back in Hamburg.
231K, 1:58,7 min

Ask Me Why
Early run through of Ask Me Why from the Star Club in Hamburg.
303K, 2:35,4 min

Love of the Loved
From the Decca audition. Paul sings this unrealeased Lennon-McCartney gem. Great sound quality.
212K, 1:49,0 min

To Know Her is to Love Her
Paul sings this lovely Phil Spector ballad at the Decca audition.
301K, 2:34,5 min

Memphis, Tennessee
John sings this Chuck Berry cover at the Decca audition.
272K, 2:20,0 min

Some Other Guy
This is the first live recording with Ringo at the Cavern. From Aug. 22. 1962.
237K, 2:01,9 min

Ringo Joins the Beatles
George Martin explains how he didn't like Pete Best's drumming, and how the Beatles instead brought Ringo in, but hehad already hired a professional drummer for the Love Me Do-session.
133K, 1:12 min

I Saw Her Standing There
From Hamburg, Dec 31. 1962.
322K, 2:45,3 min