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The Rooftop Concert

Get Back
The first song from the Beatles final concert. It's basically a warmup run-through.
413K, 3:32,3 min

Get Back- Version 2
The best performance of the song, this should have been on Let It Be. Paul's vocal is amazing, and John's guitar playing can be heard better. It's not as laid back as the released version.
441K, 3:46,2 min

Don't Let Me Down
Again, a better than official version performace, with the exception of John forgetting a bit of the lyrics. Seen on the Anthology broadcast.
400K, 3:25,6 min

I've Got a Feeling
The released version with a few minor differences, i.e. easier to hear the lead guitar.
462K, 3:57,4 min

One After 909
Better mix than the released version, but since it's real audio, you probably won't notice.
526K, 4:30,2 min

Dig a Pony
This version is rocks! -actually it's the official version with one key difference, the 'All I want is...' bits that ended up getting mixed out at the beginning and the end. VERY cool.
556K, 4:45,3 min

I've Got A Feeling- Version 2
George's guitar is much more prominent and everything else is a bit quieter.
510K, 4:21,9 min

Don't Let Me Down- Version 2
Paul sings a bit higher, and John screws up the lyrics in a different part of the song than the 1st performance.
420K, 3:35,6 min

Get Back- Version 3
Released on Anthology 3, this is the final live performance by the greatest band in history. The guitars go out for a bit in the middle, but the problem is soon fixed.
393K, 3:21,7 min