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Rubber Soul Bootlegs

Norwegian Wood
VERY RARE!! This is an early take with NO guitar at all. John is accompied by JUST INDIAN INSTRUMENTS!!!!!
286K, 2:26,9 min

Norwegian Wood
The basic instrumental guitar part, used in the final version. John must've been having trouble with it because at the end he goes "I showed ya!"
225K, 2:00,9 min

Nowhere Man
From the Beatles' Candlestick Park concert of 1966
285K, 2:26,2 min

Run For Your Life
John and Paul duet for this slow rerun through Run for Your Life. From the Get Back Sessions.
91.9K, 0:47 min

The backing tracks of Girl, in other words, an instrumental recording.
267K, 2:17,3 min

Paul's home demo. Just his acoustic guitar, as no words have been written yet.
126K, 1:05,0 min

Norwegian Wood
A couple of false starts and then Take 4, another take with a lot of sitar. NOT THE A2 VERSION.
288K, 2:28,0 min

Run For Your Life
Take 5 of Run For Your Life. John has a tape echo in his voice that was later taken out. No harmonies yet either.
148K, 1:16,3 min

If I Needed Someone
From a concert in Tokyo July 1, 1966. George sounds half asleep and/or stoned beyond all reasonable comprehention.
332K, 2:50,6 min