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Rules and Regulations

MINI DISCLAIMER: All recordings contained herein are for reference only. No copyright given or implied. They can not be transfered to CD, cassette, or sold in any way.

I hate having to do this, but some guidelines have to be set up so that this doesn't end up being a repeat of last site.

First of all I want to point out again that I make NO money from this page. This is a labor of love. There was a problem on the last page with people downloading the songs and then copying them to tapes and CDs, etc.
That will stop.
I have to bust my ass getting all of this set up and maintained and I'll be damned if someone is going to profit from my hard work. It is also very much not legal and could get yourself AND ME in a lot of trouble. If that happens I will personally hunt you down and jump on you until you bleed.
Have a nice day.

Also, it would be *NICE* if those who constantly enjoy this page return the favor by contributing files. Doing so will entitle you to a mention under About Us and good karma. DO IT!

Secondly, Larie was nice enough to program our very own chat room for us. It will be a great place to chat with fellow Beatle-freaks, trade some boots, or maybe even make a friend. Please be aware that there is no censorship of language in the chat. There could be little kids like Evan in there so please refrain from obscene or off-color language. Should I find out that you are using the chat for what would be considered inappropriate behavior, I will have no choice but to deny you access to the chat. If I find out that you are making sexual advances to kids or harassing people, I will report you to the proper law enforcement agencies and let them decide if what you did was illegal or not. On that topic, "cyber-sex" is not permitted in the chat unless I'm in there somewhere. AHHHHHH! Wait! No! Just please refrain from that kinda stuff.

Ditto for the webboard. Do not abuse it or I will take it off.

Like I said, I hate having to do all this, but it had to be done.

Enjoy the page!

Bill and Crew